Govt. ITI Kannur is one of the major Industrial Training Institute in Kerala, and the largest institute in North Kerala. This Institute is established on 1957. The courses were affiliated with National Council for Vocational Training, Govt. of India (NCVT) Thus Govt. ITI Kannur is functioning as one of the leading ITI’s not in Kerala but in country too. The main objectives of the scheme are 1. Produce trained manpower in different disciplines for the development of our nation 2. To improve the quality of the industrial products and increases the productivity through the trained and skilled labour from I.T.I’s 3. Reduce the unemployment problems, which is one of the major huddles facing by India, by providing self employability for the youth. 4. To fulfill the demand and supply side of training needs appropriately. 5. The trained man power of the labour force in India is below 20%, this has to be improved and matched the needs of skilled labour with world labour market.